Lyrics - vertical placement

I have successfully imported a choral score into Dorico from an xml. file. However, in many places the imported lyrics are placed much lower than they should be, so that there is quite a large gap between them and the notes above them. Is there presently any way of adjusting them? Or do I have to strip out all the lyrics and re-insert them? Here is an example of what I mean:
Low lyrics.PNG
By the way, the facility for putting individual word(s) in italics is great- thank you Daniel and co. Dare I mention incipits again?

Michael Aves

I would I to know this as well.

You can change the minimum distance In the Engraving options under Lyrics.

Indeed you can, but that doesn’t deal with the problem, which is that the distance is too great, not too small.


Your example looks like the default minimum distance of 2 1/2 spaces. If you enter a smaller value, the distance will get smaller. A least in my examples it does …


Thank you. You are right; I had altered the minimum distance from other objects, but not the minimum distance from the stave. I changed the latter from 2½ spaces to 1 space and it has much improved the layout. I must practise more with Dorico!