Lyrics when printing to Printer with voice colours switched on

Great working with Dorico 2!

I’ve used voices for an arrangement, and had voice colours switched on. I was surprised when I printed to my printer that the lyrics printed out in the voice colours (blue for voice 1, red for voice 2). Everything else printed in black as I expected, staves, notes, and so on.

After I’d printed I could see that the preview in print to Printer showed the lyrics in colour, but it wasn’t something I’d thought to check before printing. To print with everything in black and white was simple, of course. Just switch view voice colours off.

In printing to Graphics there’s an option to choose to print in colour or mono. With colour enabled I get the same effect. Reassuringly the lyrics preview in black when mono is selected. In print to Printer there’s no such option.

Is that meant to be? Am I missing something? I’ve looked through the Engraving, Layout, and Notation Options and haven’t spotted anything that helps. I keep a regular eye on the forum and haven’t noticed this come up as a topic.

See this thread:

Thanks, andgle!