Lyrics with extension lines break multimeasure rests

Hi fellows,
i have a lyrics with extension lines problem as they break multimeasure rests…

Have a look at my attached document and try to create multimeasure rests in for example bar 8,23,27,46…
When you kill the extension line everything gets consolidated…
Any ideas?
How (770 KB)

Hi !

Hi Marc,
i tried the “solution”, but it did not work in my situation; and I provided a file to experiment with…
Looks like a bug to me.

It’s a little trickier in a couple of places for yours, but the “stop advancing the lyrics popover a note early and then lengthen the extender line after closing the popover” trick does work in your project.

In bar 23, you could cut the tie first, then advance to the last note in bar 22, press Esc, select the lyric, press Shift-Alt-Right arrow to lengthen it to the first note in b23, then retie. It seems the lyric has to have a bit of extender line in order to lengthen it, so in places where the lyric spans already more than one note before the last note (e.g. b25, there’s 3 notes before the last tied note) stopping (pressing Esc) when the popover is on the last note (and not advanced past it) works fine.

Or, just shorten the lyrics/extender lines that have already been advanced and have split the multi-bar rest: e.g. for the last lyric in b25, set your rhythmic grid to quarter notes, select “feel”, then press Shift-Alt-Left arrow 7 times to retract the extender line to the first note in b26 (i.e. the last note in the sung phrase).

(On a side note, if you apply the playback template “Silence” before sharing your projects, their file size will be much smaller.)

Talk about synchronicity! :wink:

Lillie, thanks for all your help.
I couldn’t get it to work if there is also a system/line break involved, as the line is not locked to the note but simply extended, but thats ok.

This is not normal behaviour, is it? Should i report it to the team or is it already on their radar…?

It’s certainly a bug, but as singers don’t normally get single parts, no one ever noticed until now!

Jörg, system breaks shouldn’t be a problem - as long as you’ve lengthened/shortened the lyric to the correct end position rhythmically, Dorico will handle the extender line in relation to system breaks as normal. How lyrics with extender lines interact with multi-bar rests when there are existing notes beyond the rest when you input the lyrics is obviously not ideal, and yes the team is aware of it, but like everything else it’s got to be balanced with other demands on development time. For now at least, there are a couple of ways you can get it to work properly that aren’t too arduous (once you’ve got used to them!)

Here’s your project with the correct rhythmic durations of those extender lines. All I did was change the rhythmic grid to quarter notes, and shorten each lyric that split a following multi-bar rest by 7 quarter note beats (select lyrics, press Shift-Alt-Left arrow 7 times). It’s got the Silence playback template and Academico instead of November just because I don’t have that font on my machine.

How (763 KB)