Lyrics won't display

After re-writing the section displayed in the screenshot, Dorico won’t display the lyrics. Any idea why?

They display in the galley view:

As far as I know, condensing does not work properly with lyrics. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Indeed, condensing in choral music is not fully supported in Dorico at the current time: there’s a lot of complexity in how lyrics have to be handled and it’s something that we need to return to. I would suggest handling this kind of short score manually for the time being, with two sets of players: separate S, A, T, and B players, and combined SA/TB players, and switch between them as needed in the full score layout, while using the separate S/A/T/B players for the vocal score layout, if needed.

I’m not concerned about the lyrics issue here but I’m trying to create the layout shown on top i.e. short vocal score (i.e. SATB on two staves) with piano and I’m not having much success. Any guidance please would be much appreciated ?

Welcome to the forum. You’ll want to add two players: Choir (reduction) and Piano.