I hoped that in version 1.1 lyrics could be generated and edited in a new and easy way.
Can anyone show me a way how to do it easily?

… please let us know what could be improved.


See below and Maybe have a look at the MPS-software from Midi Tools and how it handles lyrics. It’s an oldtimer but lets you prepare the lyrics via wordpad and importing them afterwards.

… thank you. We’ll have a look to the software. Meanwhile you could also have a look to the new “Time Marker” feature of the NOTES view. Check out the manual (page 124).

Thank you for the tip, but doing so is not very comforatable. It features through the markers, but not the lyrics.
I have attached two pictures to this Mail that show how the software that I mentioned can display the lyrics. On the left sie of the pictures you can also see the possible options for setting markers.
Best regards, Olaf

I don’t understand that.
But we already considered a time list similar to that.

Sorry, musicullum,
it was a typo. What I wanted to say is, that in Notes only the markers are highlighted with color.

But I think I don’t understand how “Notes” is supposed to work. The manual doesn’t make that clear either.
I positioned the markers at the respective song passages and changed the seconds as described in the manual, then inserted the lyrics behind. I did it as often as needed during the song.
The manual explaines: “…The next set of Notes will be displayed at the top of the window.”
Yes, it appears, but not at the top of the window.
And during playback of the Transport, the page break markup do not disappear.
It would be nice if you could reproduce that and perhaps give some hints, how to do it right.

Best regards,

Not sure if I understand this. “Notes” text color can be set for any part of text as well as font and size etc.

It’s not necessary the very top of the window, but it should scroll so that it is visible, no?

You mean the time marker? If it disappears you would not be able to delete it. But we might add an option to hide/show time markers.

Thank you for your explanations, but they don’t get me anywhere at the moment.
I will wait for further developments in this case.
Or can someone give me useful tips, how to quickly insert lyrics?
I understood that I cannot import a word, rtf or other file from an existing lyric document.
I have to enter the lyrics and the chords raw by raw.
But please let me know, how is it possible to highlighten two lines (Chords an Lyrics) at the same time?
And the last point is, that the timeline in lyrics is buggy. Below 120bpm - for example 80 bpm - I cannot position the lyrics exactly on clock positions. Furthermore unknown intermediate positions appear.

… I will wait patiently

Best regards, Olaf

“Or can someone give me useful tips, how to quickly insert lyrics?”

Copy/Paste from a text editor? But only works one line at a time. The textbox for data entry could do with being bigger.

Thanks. That would be too good to be true.
Did you try it yourself?

Yep. That’s how I worked out it would only do one line at a time. :grinning:

Ah, now I understand. You copy each line of the lyrics and paste it one by one?
That is what I did first. You can even capture more lines, but you have to arrange them with a line break.
All that costs too much of time…

It is strictly time related, and Cubase/Nuendo don’t allow comments with line breaks in Marker tracks, which we have to import. We will check if we can allow for line breaks when only used internally.