M.2 heatsink

Here’s another thing with differing views on the internet.
Should my M.2 memory (next to the CPU) have a heatsink on it or not.
On other forums some say yes and some no

Good point , i think this will be down to your motherboard whether you need to or not , my motherboard GB Z390 Master came with 3 really thick 10mm heat plates for the M2’s , if yours does similar i wouldn’t bother but if not then yes i would and one thing to bare in mind is with the m2’s ,the chips are at different heights ,so you need to make sure the heat sink you get has thicker thermal pads to touch the lower chip , or you might need to add a 0.5mm thermal pad to one end to match the depth of the other chip

Depends on a lot on the workload. If the temperatures rise too high, thermal throttling kicks in (similarly to what happens on a CPU). – Ideally one has an m.2 storage device where it’s possible to read the temperature with a utility program.

But to the best of my knowledge there’s no downside to using a heatsink. If the motherboard comes with one, just use that one.


Thank You.