M.2 SSD and SSD - Multiple HDD/SSD

Hi all.

I just bought a new computer with a 256 M.2 SSD and a second drive with 1TB SSD. Basically, I would like to use the M.2 SSD to run the OS and Cubase. However, I do have others Steinberg softwares which will take lots of space like Groove Agent 5, Halion 6 and lots of VST sounds expansions.
So how should I install the VST Intruments and VST Sounds files on the 1TB drive instead of M.2 SSD? So that way, I will safe space on the smaller drive. I can’t figure it out for now. Help.

Bear in mind that both hard drive are build-in with the computer.
I may upgrade the M.2 drive to a large size in the future. For that I will use a drive cloning software but for now the use of multiples HDD will do.

Thank you.

You can move the libraries via Steinberg Library Manager. VSTs can also be installed into an other file location… and that location has to be configured in Cubase.

I personally keep the VSTs on the m.2.SSDs… I moved only libraries to normal SSDs.