M-audio 1010LT + Cubase 9 ASIO spykes

I have a peculiar problem : my music computer has the same audi card (M-audio 1010LT), the same OS (win 7 ultimate), the same RAM (16 Gb), the same CPU (i5 - 2nd generation) as my Internet computer (i5 4th gen). I have Cubase 9 Artist on the former and Pro on the latter. The former shows a very small amount of ASIO activity with the same VSTi’s and VST’s loaded compared to the latter which shows enormous spykes for no reason and a 10-15% activiy while idling, even with a blank project.

Both have the latest HW drivers and OS. I tried stopping useless services in the music computer, but the problem remains. I thought the Rewire Bridge (for Reason 5 - 32 bits) was at fault here, but it is not.

I ran out of ideas how the prevent audio glitches on a perfectly well configured machine (or so I like to think it is).
Can someone help me with this?

My eternal gratitude to anyone with a working solution…

IHi again.

I’m going to duplicate the environments onthe Inernet machine (Reason 5 + Rewire Bridge) to see if this affects the Asio meter of Cubase Artist. Will keep whoever posted on that…

I’m using a Tascam us16x08 now. Different card, same spikes…