M-Audio Axiom Air 61 with Alesis IODock II for MIDI Control

Hello, my name is Malcolm. I have the equipment outlined above and want to set this up with Cubasis so that, at a simplistic level, I can assign the knobs and sliders on the midi keyboard to control knobs and sliders on Cubasis. How can I do this?


  1. The midi keyboard when plugged in via the IO Dock II to the iPad, running Cubasis:
    a. Works in terms of playing the note keys on the MIDI keyboard and this playing notes on the instrument on Cubasis
    b. Does not automatically assign the sliders and knobs on the MIDI keyboard to control sliders and knobs on Cubasis (I.e.
    track volumes or the level of reverb). This is what I want to be able to do.

  2. When I plug in my old keyboard which is MIDI but only has a few options, I can control the sustain on Cubasis by
    pressing the sustain button on the MIDI keyboard. This happen from plugin and required no set-up. This is the type of
    control that I want to be able to do with the MIDI keyboard in the title.

Hi Malcom2389,

Thanks for your message.

Hardware controller support and MIDI learn is not yet supported with Cubasis but on our feature list for a future upgrade.


Ok, thank you.

So that I am clear, MIDI works with the app only to the extent available on plug-in. If I want to manually assign controls to aspects of the app, that would be called MIDI learn and that is a function which is not included in the Cubasis app. This function will be added in future if all goes to plan. Is that all correct?