M-Audio Axiom Pro HyperControl

Today I found the correct location for the AxiomProCubaseHyperControl.dll file (saved in wrong folder on the C drive during the setup of Hyper Control Personality for Cubase 1.1.6).
As with the previous Cubase versions the folder is called Components and is located in the main Cubase 7 installation folder, in my case D:\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Components. After moving the file here and restart of Cubase, M-Audio Axiom Pro is alredy setup in the Devices menu.
Have just been able to verify track selection by now.
It is very unpleasant that Steinberg makes no comments on the fixed paths for Remote Control Deivces, MIDI device scripts - no Open file window for these settings - in their Operation Manual or Remote Cotrol Devices document or MIDI Devices Document.

I couldn’t agree more with your statement bud, and that goes for both companies, neither Steinberg or M-audio have provided me with any support to get going, you shed some lights on the file location, now I cannot find a version for Mac in the M-audio site, I just find a .exe that is for windows. Yeap! very frustrating.

VERY helpful thread. Got mine working.

However, I notice that for some instruments (Retrologue, Padshop) there’s only one page of parameters. I assume the personality file isn’t customized [yet] for these newer instruments? I do see multiple pages for older instruments (Prologue). Or is that a preset thing in the Axiom?

Anybody run into this? Thanks!