M-Audio Code 61

I’m trying to map my controller but I can’t get beyond 11 faders, knobs or buttons. What am I doing wrong here.

Make shore you use the USB connection not the MIDI out because it doesn’t sent most of the controller data from the MIDI output. Using the software for Code61 check also the controller assignment of the faders, buttons and knobs its possible that they don’t have anything assigned to them and thats why they don’t send any data.
My problem is I cant set the encoders to work properly (using midi out), I didn’t try trough the USB yet.

I only use the USB connection. OK, I solved the problem. It wasn’t Cubase. I updated Code 61 firmware and the problem went away.

Did you find a way to assign the play/stop buttons?

Hi analag112,
Are you using CODE61 as a Midi controller in Cubase? …
I have CODE61 and I use it as a input in Cubase pro 12… I like the keys better than Arturia KEYLAB 61 which I also have and use it as Mid Controller… I would love to use CODE61 instead.
Can you advise how can I do that?

Many thanks

I have that problem right now :grinning: