M-Audio Delta AP192

Windows 7 64-bit
3.4 GHz

I’ve installed an M-Audio Delta AP192 card for Cubase 6, and I can’t get any MIDI sound out of Cubase. Audio works fine.

The card in/outs show in the Device Setup, Inspector, and Preferences.

When playing back pre-recorded (MIDI) tracks, the MIDI output level is visible on all tracks, and the USB connected keyboard input level is also visible when playing on a MIDI track, but there is no sound.

Outside of Cubase, the card plays back anything else, i.e. any audio, video and MIDI file, using any media player.

I checked all volumes I could find etc. but still, something is wrong.

Anybody got some bright idea??..

If trying to use sounds from the keyboard, audio cable from it to your soundcard and an audio track set up in Cubase to monitor that signal are required. Or, selecting a VSTi you loaded in the rack as the output of a MIDI track is also an option.