M AUDIO driver problem

Hello guys.

I have Cubase 5 and installed Guitar Rig 5 VST. I am using M AUDIO Fast Track sound card, it is working grate but the problem is that there is no M AUDIO ASIO driver in Cubase, only ASIO4all, Low Latency ASIO. If I plug my guitar in sound card and open Guitar Rig 5 while using one of available sound drivers I have huge latencey time (tried to fix it but nothing helped), and sound is awful. I can’t find the way to make visible the M AUDIO ASIO drivers in Cubase. I used to have older PC and it was working perfect and always shows M AUDIO drivers but this PC not. I have Win 10 now by the way. Any ideas how to fix it? Maybe I have to put some driver file in some folder for Steinberg? This thing drives me crazy :blush: