M-Audio Keystation and Cubase 6 issues

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue. I’m using this M-Audio Keystation 49 keys for instrument tracks. Whenever I press certain notes like F or Eb, they cause the application to delete the track, changes to the grid type, and it launches the channel settings panel. How can I fix this? Thanks for any help.


Open Devices > Device Setup. On the left side select Generic Remote Device, and set the MIDI Input to None, or delete this Generic Remote Device.

Thanks for your response on this matter. This did fix this issue; however, I was left with another issue. I am getting a signal from the midi board, but i’m not able to get a sound when using the vst instruments. I noticed in the midi ports under devices, device setup, and midi port setup, I’m only seeing midi in, but no outs.


I would recommend to make a new thread for this 2nd issue.

For VST Instruments, you don’t need to see any MIDI Out port. Is the Monitor button enabled (is it orange), on the Instrument track?

Can you see the in coming MIDI signal on the Transport panel?

I see the signal coming through the transport panel. It’s like the vst instrument is not getting a signal.


Can you jsut for test add a MIDO Track… Can you see an incoming signal to the MIDI Track?