M-Audio M-Track 8

I am considering buying a M-Audio M-Track 8 USB Audio interface to replace my old M-Audio Delta cards (I own 2 x Delta 66 and 1 x Delta 44) as driver support is no more. I am running Cubase Pro 8 64 bit, Has anyone run this audio interface with Cubase Pro 8 64 bit? What are your experiences? I’d highly appreciate any feedback you can offer me good or bad. Albeit it is a sub £300 product but it seems to tick all my boxes.

One review on Amazon UK makes me laugh - a video review - when the guy says (dead pan) “if I saw it on the personals ad, I would most likely go on at least one date with it!”. Somewhat disturbing I know!

I see the product scored 8/10 in the January edition of British recording magazine Music Tech.