M-Audio M-Track not working with Cubase 6 (Maverick 10.9.2.)

Hi everybody,

I’m not completely sure whether this is an M-audio issue or Steinberg issue, but I bought M-Audio’s M-Track two-channel usb audio/midi interface so I could do some lightweight sound editing with Cubase 6 on my secondary computer, but all I’m getting is a horrible distorted sound when trying to playback anything. I don’t have any VST-plugins on or anything that would strain the computer.

I can use the audio interface fine with programs such as Soundtrack Pro, Izotope RX, Quicktime, so it must be a Cubase 6 -related issue. Also, for some reason, I can’t install the CoreAudio2ASIO update, because the install-button is greyed out.

Any thoughts?