M-Audio mini 32 mk3 not doing anything in Dorico

Hi all. I am new to all this and not hugely technically proficient. But I understood that a simple ‘plug & play’ USB keyboard could help hugely with inputting notes in Dorico. I bought the above mentioned M-Audio model and NOTHING HAPPENS. The lights come on the device, er, that’s it. I have wasted a good 2 hours this morning trying to find out how to make it work and nothing has helped. (Device has been plugged in before launching Dorico, it appears in the MIDI set-up.) I have a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina 10.15.4. Can anybody help? In the meantime I am carrying on the way I always have done by inputting the notes using the computer keyboard.

Welcome to the forum, Duncgr. Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems. When you play notes on your keyboard, do you see a small green indicator flash in the very bottom right-hand corner of the Dorico project window? If so, then the keyboard is correctly detected. If that doesn’t help, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, which will save a zip file called “Dorico Diagnostics.zip” on your desktop, and then attach the resulting zip file to a reply here so we can take a look at your configuration.

Hi Duncgr,

I’ve been using the Mk 3 version of this keyboard for a while now, with the latest version of Dorico on Windows 10 and on a MacBook Pro / macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

The keyboard works fine on both platforms, so perhaps your problem is Catalina related.

Hopefully not – I am running Catalina and the Keystation mini 32 works absolutely fine for me.