"M.E.A.P."ing Cycle markers.

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to use MEAP to export sections of the timeline. I have it all setup like the manual states, but the filename will not take on the cycle marker name. Can anyone lend me a hand on this?

I am using it with Cubase 6.5.

This is what I am trying to do:

Never mind… I just received an email from the developer that it does not work with Cubase 6.5. :cry:

Hello, :slight_smile:
Here is a quick way to export the marker regions and overtake the marker names:

Macro I used:

  1. Transport - Locate Next Event
  2. Edit - Select Events under Cursor
  3. Transport - Locators to selection

I also assigned “Audio Export -> Perfrom Audio Export” to a key so I don’t have to click on the export button with the mouse:


Thanks for the response. I did see your post in another thread when I was looking for a solution, a solution I had when I was using Nuendo. Having to be present to to batch cycle marker exporting is not a solution for me but I do appreciate your response. Some of the exports take 5-10 minutes due to the complexity of the project.

I will never understand why functions like this are excluded from Cubase and devoted to Nuendo. Having no upgrade path to Nuendo for Cubase users makes the problem even worse for those that need some of Nuendo’s features (not that I want to use Nuendo again).

So, M.E.A.P. can automate the export of cycle markers. According to the developer, there is no way to get the name of the cycle marker into the file name which really is a bummer.

Thanks again for the workaround. I’m just looking for a way to automate the process including naming so I don’t have to be present.