M.E.A.P. when C7 isn't on "Main Display"

I have my Cubase 7.5 (Windows 7/64 bit) on different monitors than the Windows “Main” Display. The MEAP program will only look for icons on the Main Display so it obviously can’t find anything. Is there a way to make MEAP look for graphics on a different screen (than the main one)? I have a 3-monitor setup.

Might be handy for those who don’t know. Or even for those that do.

I thought it was the noise road runner made but actually it’s this batch exporter for Cubase/Nuendo - http://www.meap.biz/

And a brief look at their FAQ tells me the answer is no.

Of course I meant the Multi Export Audio program (MEAP), not the other one(s) :slight_smile:

I was hoping there was a setting in the INI file, but I couldn’t find anything. Too bad…