M-Guitar does not show up in C11 Pro

I purchased M-Guitar from Acoustic Samples. It’s installed and the license entered. But it will not show up in the Cubase Plugin manager. It shows up in my e-licenser window but not in the iLok manager. It shows up in the Steinberg library manager, but not in the plug in manager??.
I’ve refreshed the library as you’re supposed to…still not there.
What am I missing, what’s going on here ???

It also shows up in My Products on the Steinberg site.

It’s not a separate plugin. It will not appear in plugin manager. It is a library for HALion Sonic SE.

Jeez!..I’m forgetting the basics! :man_facepalming:
Thanks, it was there all along…now I gotta learn how to play it :wink: