M-S stereo editing and track routing in montage?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to edit M-S stereo tracks (lanes?) in a montage in WL11? M-S files can be decoded when they’re loaded as regular audio files, but I haven’t found any way to decode M-S inside a montage in WL11. I must be missing something, since this was introduced as a feature several WL generations ago.

Here’s the specific workflow: I have a 4-channel recording made using a Sound Devices recorder. Channels 1-2 are an M-S linked pair. Channels 3-4 are a regular stereo linked pair.

The Sound Devices recorder outputs 6 mono channels in one large polywave file. In the file generated by the recorder, channels 1-2 are a stereo mixdown. Channels 3-4 are mic inputs 1-2 of the mic inputs (the M-S pair mentioned above). Channels 5-6 are mic inputs 3-4 (the stereo pair mentioned above).

All I really need for editing are channels 3-6 of the polywave file. Is there a way to set this up in a montage so that the M-S pair are decoded in the montage and in such a way that I can adjust the mid and side balance separately?

Also, how can I actually hear the playback in stereo? The 6-channel .wav can be imported into a montage as a “Multi Mono” montage with layout “Mono 6x.” The result is mono playback. “Mix to Stereo” in the Master Section is enabled, but I still haven’t found a way to hear the channels in stereo, despite experimenting with the track routing options for each channel in the montage. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if I route a track to the left or right outputs (channels 1 & 2). My setup is simple, with only L and R outputs.

Is there a channel configuration that makes it possible to define a pair of channels as M-S and another pair of channels as stereo? It’s important that all the channels stay in sync, so this multichannel montage should be edited like any mono or stereo montage.

Sorry for these beginners’ questions that are probably very simple to seasoned pros. Hopefully I’ll be up to speed and editing material from the Sound Devices recorder soon enough. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help in any way with these M-S and channel routing questions.

Check this maybe:

Thank you, PG! Hopefully I’ll figure out a workflow for this recording.

Maybe I should pre-process the 6-channel .wav files and split them into 3 pairs of stereo files before importing into the montage?

Before I can split the channels of a track into M-S stereo, they need to be in stereo. WL11 recognizes this file as 6 mono channels. What is the best way to split them into 3 stereo pairs? Is this something we can do in the montage, or does this need to be done prior to importing to the montage? Can the Batch Processor manage this task?

If this is something you don’t have to do often the easiest way is via copy and paste. You select the 2 mon files you want in the source file and copy (Contrl/Cmd + C) and then paste to the desired montage track.