M-Track not recognized

I just upgraded to windows 10 and Cubase 11 elements from windows 7 and Cubase 5 (I know, milked it for all it was worth! Lol) M-audio M-track is recognized by windows but not Cubase. I’ve installed the driver I used on my old system but keep getting “device not connected” can’t find any new drivers but can’t get it to connect.
Haven’t tried using my X-Air x18 yet because I know I’ll have to tweak windows for that. Hoping it’s a smoother transition.
Anybody have any issues and/or suggestions?
Thanks in advance
Wil Van Winkle and the Sixpins


There was similar topic few weeks ago. It seems the M-Audio drivers are bit unstable. Maybe try to install an older driver, or install ASIO4ALL instead.