M-tron help

Hi Everyone.
I was wondering if some kind person out there could help me out. The other day I had a drive crash and lost my M-tron (the original old version) folder with the .cpt files in it. I have the installation disc but every time I try to reinstall it fails at the file conversion part of the process. I remember this being a massive pain when I first bought it. I have the old file converter utility G-media sent me way back when, but it crashes every time I try to open it, and the one on the cd gives a “cannot create directory” error message. I have the other additional tape banks (Vol.1 & 2) and they work fine because they don’t have to be converted (they are in usable form on the original CD). I’ve tried the install on XP and Win7 and in various compatibility modes. I have contacted G-Media, but they are saying they can’t help and are focused on supporting M-tron Pro these days. I was wondering if anyone on the forum had experienced similar problems and had a fix they could share for the file converter, or even if someone has the converted .cpt files (the lower case version) on their drive from the original M-tron (not the additional banks) that they would be willing to let me have somehow. The old M-tron actually works in Win7 with a bit of jiggery pokery with folders, so I would like to be able to get to my old projects again that had the 'Tron in them.