M1 Compatibility?

Will this amazing DAW ever be available for MacOS? I see people using iMazing to migrate Cubasis onto their new M1 laptops, and I’m well aware that Apple won’t introduce a touchscreen any time soon, but I love Cubasis, and am wondering if Steinberg will ever make Cubasis available for MacOS, and specifically for the M1 range of Macs. I just bought a MBP M1, and even though I love Logic Pro X, I think the compressors in Cubasis are superior, and would love to be able to use them and the Cubasis workflow in the laptop, even though I’ll have to click my way around. Also, the CPU usage of Cubasis migrated on the M1, is CRAZY good! Would love to hear from Steinberg on this, and would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Hi @SlowPoke,

Thanks for your message.
As of yet, Cubasis is available for iOS and Android only.

Best wishes,