M1 CPU usage with direct offline processing

Hi there,

I’m using latest Nuendo 12 with a Mac Studio M1 Max and am wondering, if there’s a way to make Nuendo use the full CPU capabilities while rendering plug-ins to audio clips. I couldn’t see any difference between Rosetta and Silicon. When I render a plug-in onto clips, I see a CPU usage of only about 20-25%

Where are you reading that CPU info?
Is it split into cores? Do you see one core working really hard?

I have a tool called “usage” where I can see the cores. There are two working more than the others, but not hard. When I look at Mac OS own activity monitor, there’s a graph going around in the lower quarter.

Hmm, well I’m not an expert on this, but if you have more than one core or thread working on something then they’re each waiting for the other to complete tasks. That’s ONE reason why they aren’t maxed out. This little disappointing fact made me rethink my decision to purchase an old Mac Pro from 2009. We audio-folk are more reliant on single core performance than we realize.

But I wonder if you could limit tasks to just one core, and whether you would see a performance gain or not.

Don’t know, if that’s an audio-thing over all. If I render something in Izotope RX or in ProTools, CPU behaves differently, more movement at the other cores.

I have a. similar question regarding export times.
I see a very low cpu pressure even with simple bounce that only contain crossfades etc.