M1 native support

Is there a native on M1 Macs running version coming out any time soon?

I would love to know this too. Especially with the new licensing?

Can anyone answer this question?

I downloaded the latest update and it helped a little….but it is POOF city on latest Logic X. Steinberg, please say something about this. We paid for this product. You took our money so please offer basic information. Some of us use these products professionally.


3 month later - any update? Is Halion 6 for M1 coming eventually? If not will Halion 7 come eventually? I become very dissatisfied with Steinberg, not updating their so called flagship sampler!
And even more with the lack of replying to the questions!

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Halion 7 was announced on the same day Steinberg Licensing was revealed, almost 10 months ago:

It’s of course also going to support Apple Silicon like all other VST instruments currently being sold by Steinberg.

I guess the issue is the constant “buy the new version to get the fix”. Steinberg has LONG had that as their upgrade policy and that’s why I essentially switched to logic until they had that huge sale and I upgraded my Cubase 6 License.

I just wish they would give us a quick maintenance fix BEFORE we have to chunk out a couple hundred dollars for a “new version”