M1 pro or max

Does the M1 max processor compared to the M1 pro much difference when using Dorico ? In other words is it worth paying the extra money?

I don’t think so. I’m rocking with a M1 Pro (32GB, but even that is mostly too much). No significant impact in the GPU.

I have a regular m1 at work and even that is satisfactory. I don’t work on hyuuuuuge projects, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed at any rate.

The 8-core M1 pro with 16GB is plenty already.
The 10-core M1 pro is already ‘extra’.
The M1 max is quite an overkill.
Put your money elsewhere, like on better screen, monitors , ssd, library, dog food, or ??

The Cpu is the sane for Pro and Max. The Max has more GPU, greater memory bandwidth and addressing (eg if you want 64 Gb RAM.)