M32 & Transport control?

My NovationSL/Automap control is now been sent back to Stonehenge where it belongs and I’m thinking of using an NI Kontrol M32 as something temporary till I can decide on a proper big jobby !

All I’d really like to know is, will this keyboard DEFINITELY run Cubase transport ‘out of the box’ and if it does can the rotary knobs also be set to operate the mixer faders ??

Many Thanx


Do you own Cubase Pro or other Cubase edition, please? As far as I know, only Cubase Pro supports NI Kontrol completely.

Thanx Martin,
Running Cubase pro 11 with Reason suite11 rack and other VST stuff. I believe the bigger
NI keyboards are OK running Cubase Transport but I just couldn’t find anything so far to confirm that the m32 does ? (I know it didn’t when first released)

I know it’ll control the VST synth parameters but it’s the DAW transport that I need confirmation for.