M4a recording sounds bad

I made a m4a audio export out of Dorico and it sounds quite awful. Is m4a that bad? The audio export as wav file sounds ok.
Trio de Monsieur Charpentier.m4a.zip (1.4 MB)

You can’t export as .m4a from Dorico.

How did you make the .m4a file? It sounds like you exported MIDI, and then used something to convert (badly) the MIDI to System sounds.

You should be able to open the .wav file in QuickTime Player, and then export .m4a from there. .m4a should sound identical – it’s just a different data format for the audio.

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Here’s a recording I’ve made from the Dorico file that you posted elsewhere. I’ve changed it a little bit…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas!

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You can export M4A from Dorico for iPad, if I remember correctly.

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Ah. I can’t see why .mp4 should be different from .wav in that case: it should sound the same.

Well, M4A is compressed and lossy, so it’s certainly possible for it to sound different to uncompressed PCM audio.

Well, it was an export from the IOS Dorico , in which export as m4a is possible . Unfortunately not as mp3 , where you could choose the quality. Thanks benwiggy for your nice audio file of the piece.