MAAG EQ2 (Others) Causing Cubase to go away while loading project

Cubase crash dump is attached. Please fix. MAAG EQ2 being used is VST3.6.7

Cubase has done the same disappearing act due to at least one other plugin.

Cubase 64bit 2020.8.26 (1.52 MB)


The crash is in the plug-in. Please get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer.

Yes, but can’t Cubase catch these errors? I mean, they ARE the developers of the VST protocol.

I had already sent the info to Plugin Alliance.



Unfortunately the plug-in is running directly in Cubase, it’s not “sent-boxed”. This is how Cubase is designed. So if the plug-in crashes, Cubase crashes with it.

Yea. It just seems odd that Steinberg doesn’t know how to trap these errors. They do catch some.

In fact, in my view Steinberg should take these cases and try to catch these errors in order to make Cubase more robust. The better the error handling, the better the application.