Mac 10.5.0 beachballs 100% of time on quit

OS 10.13.6 + all updates
Quit CB 10.5.0, beachballs forever. you must force quit the app. ALWAYS save first before quitting.
interesting note - VST instruments are still active and external MIDI keys will play the instrument even though the apps is beach balled.
no high CPU activity , 133% on 12/24 core machine. Ram usage is 1.3 gb which is fine. App is simply stalled out in a loop.



To me it looks some of the plug-in doesn’t want to quit.

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Everything is updated including VST’s which includes Arturia’s updates yesterday. 10.0.50 quits w/o a problem.

EDIT - installed Arturia update again. seems to of caught another filter and now 10.5 quits w/o a problem

Steve, Martin replied to me on this, Cubase 10.0.5 beach balls me all the time.He recommends possible firewall issues as I have no virus protection.I am on iMac.

The same thing here. I am on CP 10.0.5 (Mac Mojave 10.14.6) and I have to force quit every time.
I’ll try to experiment with updating my Arturia gear, disable the firewall and report back.

Carister, Try this — quit all your active programs on your Mac such as Safari before opening Cubase. My firewall is also off. This sorted my hanging issues.

Hey Keith and thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.