[Mac] 10.6.7 and C6. Any takers yet?

Aloha Guys,

Any early birds?

I’ve only had the update for about an hour, but C6 seems to be working so far.


Yes, I’ve done it.

I downloaded the update from Apple, and installed it. Then, after reboot, I opened CB6.01(64 bit) with 17 VI Pro (Vienna) instruments, the 64 bit Aria Player using Steinway piano. Also, I have Vienna’s Convo Reberb setup as a Send for all instruments for now.

The only thing I noticed, probably had to do with VI Pro, and not Cubase; ie, the keyswitches were not working properly for the instruments I have loaded. I’d press a key for an articulation, and it would immediately pop to a legato articulation, no matter what key I pressed, unless I held the key down.

Then, I did Repair Permissions, rebooted, and then things were back to normal, and this morning things are working smoothly again.

I’m using a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core, with 12 gig memory; Vienna’s Appassionata Strings, VSL Special Edition + and many download isntruments, Kontakt 4.2, Garritan Steinway (Aria 64 bit). Sometimes I use VE Pro 32 bit to run instruments and synthesizers while using Cubase 64 bit.

Aloha and thanks for the report guys.

Still I’ll wait a couple of days.

I have not yet installed to 6.01 up-date.


I’ll give this a “whirl” tomorrow.

Combo installer link is here:

All fine here

Well behaved here.

No problems here.


Here too, on 10.6.7 nothing to note.

Works fine here - although I’ve only had 30 minutes with it. 6.01 is bigger news to me as it fixed a lot of timing issues I was having with 48khz projects.

Two days work on 10.6.7 and 6.01 and everything is still fine.

Aloha and tanx for your responses guys.

Installed 10.6.7 last night and so far all seems well.

(Still using C6 here not 6.01)