Mac 10.67 and C6.02

Thread title is my present set-up-are there any compelling reasons to update either Cubase or Snow Leopard? Lion still looks a bit iffy, and I have zero stability issues with 6.02 in 64 bit mode, with the exception of using bridged 32 bit plug-ins, which is always a crapshoot.

There appears to be varying degrees of success with Lion.

I posted this earlier- after reading the comments re Lion and my own brief foray into 64bit, I have decided to stay where I am for a while as it is completely stable: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and C 6.0.5.

C6 @ 64 was fine, but still some plugs not cooperating so 32 for me for the time being

Curteye had some very direct comments re his SL / Lion experience in previous posts

Aloha guys, (Larry)

To put it in a nut shell:

Lion while quite nice in many areas of computer use,
does not add any real benefits for DAW users.

No system enhancements or improvements re:
cpu processing
Core Audio

Lion is ‘compatible’ and solid with Cubase 6.05
but many 3rd party products are still problematic.


And just to add,

After reading and then posting in this thread, a lil while
later I find out that Apple is releasing a ‘new’
OS soon. 10.8!
Will Cubase be compatible with that?

Here we go again.