[Mac] 10.8. Nothing new for Cubase (DAW) users

Aloha guys,

As I did with Lion (10.7) I just read thru all ‘200 new features’
in the soon to be released OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Even tho’ I read thru twice, I could find nothing that would be
helpful/more efficient/more productive etc to Cubase (or any DAW) users.

No new ‘Core Audio’ or ‘Core MIDI’ features are mentioned.
In fact the term ‘MIDI’ is not mentioned at all.

That’s two major releases now from Apple (10.7 and 10.8)
with no improvements in these areas.

Perhaps that’s it from Apple!

Perhaps from now on all audio/MIDI improvements on the Mac will now only
take place in applications. (Logic/Garageband etc)

I hope not.

I also hope that Win users will find some nice improvements/enhancements
for DAW users with ‘Metro’ on the PC side and maybe then Apple
can steal some kool ideas.

Now that it seems I have nothing musically to gain with an up-grade,
do I want to risk new compatibility issues by going forward with 10.8?


But this may change.

On the up-side, the cost is only $20.00.


Not a mac user but yes, you do want to upgrade because if there is any problem you’ll be the first to know and can report any findings.

I am using Windows 8 and there are many improvements, changes and conceptual shifts that I don’t want to be learning when the system is finally released but saying that I have that luxury of using only MIDI.


Mountain Lion will start in July. Do you know, if this will work with Cubase 6.5 smoothly, is everything compatibly?


Aloha m,
That’s my point.

Because my studio is my livelihood, I cannot afford to take the risk.

For that reason (and to maintain consistency) I am normally one of the the last to up-date/grade.

So over the years what I tried to do is to stay slightly ahead of the curve
by keeping a ‘curteye’ on up coming advances in the DAW/audio/MIDI industry.

The most significant advances have happened at the system level and since 1993
(when I first got into this business) Apple have always developed and moved forward
from OS to OS. Till now.

Now it seems they have stopped any development in that area.

A metaphor;
I have always seen the computer OS as a rich flowerbed in which
coders can grow their ‘binary seeds’.

Problem is, If the soil gets stagnant…??

Time will tell.


News is that Windows 8 ain’t far from what you have described about Mountain Lion. Just go to YouTube and watch the Windows 8 review videos. Everyone is complaining about the unintuitive Metro interface and how hard it is to find things that we are used to seeing at a specific place. There are some cool improvements though, but none that are DAW related. We’re on the same boat here, I’m afraid.