mac 10.9.2

ive just put mac osx 10.9.2 on my mac mini. cubase 7.5.1 ran very fast under 10.9.1. now im not even able to open my projects which ran fine, without very heavy cpu peaks. even when i deactivate FG-X and all lexicon plugins, still cpu use is to high to play a finished project without dropouts.

did anyone else update to 10.9.2 ???

Appears that OSX 10.9.2 is working fine so far with Cubase 7.5.10 on a Mac Pro. It’s too early to know for sure, but my projects are loading up and performing fine so far.

10.9.2 is one of those essential updates BTW, since it closes a critical security vulnerability, so Steinberg should make sure to test 10.9.2 out ASAP if they aren’t doing so already. In my case, it seems fine, though.

If something changes for me, I’ll update this thread. I’m planning on spending a huge amount of time in Cubase over the next week or two, so if I don’t post again soon, it’s because I’m running super-stable with no problems.

thanks for your answer, when i look at the activitydisplay, cubase is taxing more then 200 % while 80 % of my cpu is not active… is it possible that somehow cubase doesnt use all 4 (8) threads of my cpu now ?

I take it that you have a top-end Mac Mini, since normal Mac Minis only have a Core-i5 CPU (2 cores, 4 threads)… you must have the server or higher-end version with the Core i7 (4 cores, 8 threads). That CPU should easily handle decent-sized projects.

I don’t know if something is preventing all your cores from being used… but if you have a Core i5, then you probably won’t get much more than 200% out of your machine, to be honest. Cubase won’t take it up to the max CPU usage without hiccups, in my experience.

Check a few things:

  1. Make sure you actually have a Core i7 and not a Core i5

  2. Check the latency of your audio device. What audio device are you using?

  3. Try experimenting with settings under Device Setup -> VST Audio Settings and test out ASIO-Guard, etc… I have ASIO Guard enabled and it seems to be fine.

  4. It’s possible you do have some sort of conflict, such as with a specific plugin, so I’d suggest building a new test project, plugin by plugin, one plugin at a time, to see if one of them is misbehaving.

  5. Good luck!

Just loaded another project in Cubase on 10.9.2 and it is also working great. Very stable, lots of plugins, no problems I can see so far.

P.S.: May I suggest you post your specs, perhaps something will jump out at us!

i do have an i7 mac mini, and i could run every monster project effortlessly under 10.9.1. the problem i have now just happend today when i updated to 10.9.2. and yes i checked all that. plugins are not the problem. increasing latency did help, but still under 2056 samples i was not able to run projects i used to run without problems under 10.9.1, without dropouts and major cpupeaks.

playing with the asioguard etc… also didnt help, actually made it worse.

ive uploaded some screenshots perhaps you can see something.

thank you!

Okay, checking out your screenshots… I don’t see any red flags so far. I can’t speak for the quality of UA drivers on Mac… I’m using RME. I wonder if there’s a driver issue? Unlikely, but possible.

Only thing that pops out at me, now that I think of it, is VSTBridgeApp… if you’re running 32-bit plugins in VSTBridge for Cubase 64-bit… that might be causing some of your headaches. I’ve completely moved away from 32-bit plugins due to poor performance of VSTBridge.

So… perhaps there’s some slight issue wth VSTBridge and/or the UA driver?

So, perhaps a test by removing any 32-bit plugins from your session.

OR, try running Cubase in 32-bit mode and see what happens… the way you do that is by going to Applications folder and right-clicking on Cubase, then click on Get Info, then click on Open in 32-bit mode.

Other than that, I suspect there may be some sneaky issue with a plugin and 10.9.2 – some plugin I haven’t tested…

FYI - I just loaded up a test session with 48 VSTi tracks all playing simultaneously with high total polyphony, and with 144 VST plugins on top of those tracks, using Cubase 7.5.10 on OSX 10.9.2 at 256 sample latency on an RME device – it was totally stable, nothing strange so far. So for me, I feel pretty confident with 10.9.2.

Will report back if I spot a problem that might be related to 10.9.2 on my system, but I doubt it at this point.

Anyway, I hope you can work out your situation and get it running smoothly!

Please post with your status either way, would be good to know what you find out…

thank you for your help, but running cubase in 32 bit doesnt change anything. and the ua drivers are rock solid, heck even when i switch the apollo off and use the builtin audio card, its still the same. so thats not the problem neither. ive tried to check all my plugins, but also couldnt find the problem here. so i guess i need to use timemachine and get rid of 10.9.2.

Sorry to hear that. Hope eventually the mystery is solved!

Sorry you’re having issues. That’s the thing with updates one day everything is great, you update and you got problems. I Hope you get this fixed ASAP. I will be cautious, everything is running so stable for me under 10.9.1 for the past few months. After a year full of issues with C 7. Then again other users have no issues with 10.9.2.

Keep us posted and good luck…

I am not a Mac person but I can’t see if you have mentioned what version of Cubase 7 are you running.

sorry, youre right, cubase 7.5.1

I have a system that seems to be similar to yours (look at my sig). I just ran through a rather intense project - 12 VSTis (multiple instances of Kontakt and Omnisphere, and a Superior Drummer with a kit just under 4GB), lots of 24/48 audio tracks, and at least 50 plugins - that is just under 10 minutes long. I run at at 256 (around 7ms latency).

While doing the run through I was also running Chrome, Messages, Activity Monitor, Mail, Preview and Text Edit.

In the first run through I had 4 dropouts/one-time spikes; the CPU on Cubase’s Performance Meter sat around 66-75%; my Activity Monitor showed Cubase using around 200-230% CPU; memory (I have 16GB) sat at 15.99 Memory Used and 16GB Virtual Memory.

In the second run through, there were no dropouts or spikes. The Performance Meter sat around 50% the whole time; Activity Monitor showed the same information for CPU and memory usage.

Based on this, it seems the spikes/dropouts I experienced were related to loading in information for the first time. I suspect Kontakt is a frequent offender here as it seems I get dropouts every time a new Kontakt track plays for the first time. Otherwise, the system seemed totally stable.

I agree with uarte’s suggestion to avoid 32-bit plugins. I was using one previously and it caused all sorts of problems. It seems the VSTBridge (or whatever it’s called) doesn’t work properly.

Good luck!

Aloha guys. just to chime in.

Running 10.9.2 on a partition. (bootable clone)
All well here so far.

I love this sort of post , just because Apple release an update Steinberg should drop everything they are doing just to test another MAC software change lol
Why don’t you just wait until they have tested to find out weather C7 is compatible with the update … Next you’ll be screaming it’s Steinbergs fault that it’s not compatible :unamused: :unamused:

Well, it is, isn’t it. It’s Steinbergs responsibility to make sure that their products are compatible with the OS. It’s not Apples (or Microsofts, for that matter) responsibility to ensure that the OS is compatible with every application out there!

Rubbish , MAC updates and every company in the world has to follow suit ??? I wouldn’t blame Steinberg in the slightest if they kept everyone waiting on these continual updates .What about if Steinberg have just come up with the mother of all fixes for the performance issues and the new update causes them again ? I suppose that’s Steinberg fault is it ?

Anyway carry on moaning that’s it’s broken ,you guys aren’t about building a stable working environment you guys just want to push everything to the limit and then blame someone else when it all fails .

Good luck

Yikes, Sectioned! I think you took my original statement a step or two out of context. My whole statement was:

10.9.2 is one of those essential updates BTW, since it closes a critical security vulnerability, so Steinberg should make sure to test 10.9.2 out ASAP if they aren’t doing so already. In my case, it seems fine, though.

Note the first phrase, which you seemed to have dismissed… about the level of importance of the 10.9.2 patch – “essential” and “critical”. I guess I could have emphasized the importance more and the reason for my statement.

I don’t know if you’re a Windows user or Mac user, but if you’re a Windows user and dislike Macs, you may add one more offense from Apple to your list of things to dislike about Apple. 10.9.1 had a serious and very embarrassing security bug that is a giant hole in OSX security. This security hole was extremely serious, and a lot of Mac users don’t realize how big of a blunder Apple made. People are downplaying it now that a patch is out, but essentially Apple blew it big time, and dropped a bomb on Apple users a few days before by revealing the security risk when they patched iOS, which had the same vulnerability.

Essentially, Apple dropped a giant 0-day exploit, which is pretty disappointing. I use both Windows and Macs, and I’m not thrilled with how Apple handled this mistake. I’m sure anti-Mac users who understand the level of blunder are still laughing at Apple’s idiocy, taking a good few swipes at “dumb Apple fanboys” etc., etc., etc… no need to get into that. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what it boils down to is that 10.9.2 fixes a major security problem, and it should be the default baseline version of 10.9 right now, and EVERY Mac user should upgrade to 10.9.2, especially laptop users who ever connect to public wifi, which is not smart to do on a normal day, but now very dangerous indeed due to the security problem.

So my statement was that 10.9.2 is an essential update and that Steinberg should test out 10.9.2 ASAP – not because I am “screaming” at Steinberg or blaming them for being “not compatible” and just making a flippant “sort of post” because Steinberg better do what I say or else… If anything, people can “scream” at Apple for how they handled this one.

As for me, I’d rather get on with writing music on my very stable Mac, and 10.9.2 has not been a problem for me so far. I just spent a 10 hour session yesterday, and no problems with Cubase 7.5.10.

But my original statement was a reasonable statement, without any screaming, ranting or accusing Steinberg of poor service, etc… – and frankly Steinberg is probably smart enough to realize the importance of 10.9.2 in particular, that now every Mac user should apply the patch, and simply for the sheer volume of Mac users affected, it would be a logical thing for Steinberg to test 10.9.2 ASAP, especially since running 10.9.1 is NOT recommended.

Hope that clarifies a bit.

I would try to reinstall 10.9.2 with the combo update you can download from the apple website. This has solved many issues in the past for many people.


Make sure you install UA’s latest Apollo drivers - version 7.5, as they are qualified for Mavericks now. I have an Apollo with a Mac Pro running OS X 10.9.2 and did not notice and change/decrease in performance from before the OS X update.

ok thank to anyone who helped me. i could get it right. since i didnt want to go back to 10.9.1 i tried to find the problem and i did. it was the plugin VPS PHALANX which for whatever reason caused those problems. i deinstaled it and istalled another version (1.5.1) and everything works now. again thank you!!!