Mac 6.0.7 hosed! No audio, dialogs unresponsive

Haven’t done any projects in months and it seems an update or something has made my 6.0.5 non functional. I’ve tried going to 64-bit, back to 32-bit, removed all plug-ins from each library folder, used built-in audio only and updated to 6.0.7. Deleted Cubase preferences too. No change.
No presets visible in the new project dialog, dialog boxes are unresponsive but can be closed only with Command+W. No audio play back through any source.
“Add track” and the new track won’t show up. No scrolling in the timeline. Major fail.

Anyone run into this same mess?

Dumping prefs and a stone cold reboot seem to have resolved my issue. Hopefully I don’t run into that again—sure can suck the productivity out of a morning!