MAC: 64-bit Performance vs 32-bit Performance


I haven’t been able to run C6 64-bit on my Mac because it seems that the ASIO meter runs twice as high as in 32-bit and constantly overloads. This, of course, is with my own template–not with a new project. I’m curious if anyone else has this issue? I am aware of the number of CPU intensive plugins open and of the ASIO driver buffer size. This is simply a general observation, not a way to fix my system. However, if I am the only one with 64-bit issues, I’ll start investigating the problems.

The biggest factor is likely to be if you have plugins running that require the VST Bridge.

I’ve had numerous issues come and go with Mac 64-bit Cubase. Audio crackles, ASIO spikes, etc. But seems to be stable now. The VST bit bridge does seem to be the culprit most often.

The ONLY issues I’ve had with 64 bit C6 have come as a result of the VST Bridge, which blows in my honest opinion.
The way I get around it is by using a 32 bit instance of VE Pro. That seems to work.

Otherwise, any session that uses the dreaded bridge is unstable from inception.

Which makes your Cubase go over the bridge, like in Inception?

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Up ahead! (OS Lion)

The bridge is out!


No bridge in Lion?

Well no Rosetta for sure.

Well the Bridge also converts 32-bit Intel plugins to 64-bit :wink:
In fact, PPC plugins are not loadable into Cubase 64-bit, even in Snow leopard.

The only thing that sucks about this is Darbuka/Latigo no longer functioning. Those are stellar plugins and I have yet to find a library that sounds and works like those. The only way to make them work now is to install a PC version inside Parallels or on an external PC and use VE Pro to patch them in.

I’ve stopped using 32 bit plug-ins except in VE Pro. It’s annoying, but VEP really is a genius bit of work.