[Mac] 7.0.6 stable for you?

Hi Mac people,

I’m still getting random crashes daily with 7.0.6. How’s it panning out for you guys?

I can run 6.5 for weeks and weeks without a crash, so I’m still using 6 for the serious stuff.



Very stable for me on 10.6.8!

Since 7.0.6, sometimes, it will start up not able to play sound because the performance meter will be stuck at 100% as soon as song loads.

Sometimes, it will just force crash while loading.

Have not had a session crash yet though.

I had c6 crash at times before to be fair.

sometimes when i open and close mix console or channel edit really quickly it will crash.

No stability problems here.

Everything is stable here.

Random crashes for me also. My only problem is cubase quits unexpectedly.
The problem started around 7.0.5. I think. Very frustrating. But now it happens a lot.
After quitting or closing cubase.

For me it’s better than 7.05 but when I close the app it crashes almost every time…

So far 7.0.6 has been stable for me. No crashes.

I’m still nervous from some previous builds and have a tendency to save pretty often now, especially before closing the mixer.

Very stable for me now if I don’t use Steinberg’s ASIO driver.

Stable for me but as I use a lot of VSTi’s, the buffer size and associated latency is still a show stopper. CS.

For the most part, mine is stable. It will crash on exiting the program 1 out of 20 times. Usually, that happens if the system and the app have been up for over 10 or 12 hours. Also, mine was crashing everytime I did an export-audio mixdown. I opened a ticket with Support and they were very helpful. If you have a consistent crash, I’d recommend opening a ticket. Could be an easy fix like replacing your Preferences.

Rock Solid though it can crash with a perticular plugin
Fishman Tripleplay

No problems on a 2011 MBP 2.2ghz 16GB Ram

I run Waves Mercury and a Yamaha N12. I just recently upgraded and went straight to version 7.06.

Edit" I take that back. C7 suddenly quit without warning while setting up a new project with an imported MIDI file. I was opening different instance of VSTi’s for each track when C7 just quit without any trace. Had to reboot and start over."

I put Cubase in quarantine (near 5 month) and now I have returned to 7.0.6 version. Great job on processor/disk performance and GUI look (now I can read tracks name and insert info). I see a global improvement compared to last version except… Cubase is still crashing when I exit :unamused:

Exactly the same here.

3rd party SampleTank 32 bit can at times cause a crash.
But only in play back mode while loading/unloading/editing etc.


Well…. i’ve lost some projects working with Cubase 7 in the beginning, then I’m now definitively back to C6.5, on the other side one year is almost passed from the first release of C7 and the continue updates resolved some issues but left me bad feelings…. in the end… Stable machine with stable software it’s for my job, I’m tired to be a free beta tester, i use Cubase to make music, and Cubase 6.5 it’s a great tool on Mac. :smiley:

Crashes when I exit most of the time. At times it will crash when I close an edit window after editing. Major frustration! I have learned to press command s after everything because while editing a crash is around the corner. Not to say that I didn’t know to save before, but now I have to be more aware of the fact that it may crash.

After using Cubase 7.06 for a couple months I have renamed it “Crashbase”. It crashes once a day at least.When exporting mp3’s, when exiting, when opening or closing some plugins or whenever it feels like it. I find this piece of software is just not ready for anything close to a professional use. It’s very disappointing.

There are also errors in the drum midi editor. When I cut and paste parts I get notes switching to other notes. Also the side chain doesn’t show up in plugins 1/2 the time etc… There’s really a lot of things wrong with this program as evidenced by needing a separate sub-forum for issues.

The only thing I can do is push “control S” constantly.

There’s a lot to like about Cubase but I’m starting to wish I hadn’t upgraded at this point.

When at first i’ve installed cubase 7 and then did the 7.0.6 update i got crashes all the time.

Now i have removed totally cubase and all related folders that i have found (Application Support etc etc), then i made a clean install of Cubase 7.0.5 ISO DVD that you can download form Steinberg website, and then i did the 7.0.6 update. After that i have installed the last eLicenser drivers from eLicenser website.

Now the random crashes are gone, at least for now. Before i got 2 or more crashes at day, now 0 crashes in these days after the re-installation.

I don’t know if this will work for you, but for me it worked! I am on OSX 10.8.5 and running cubase 64 bit.

Hope this helps. :mrgreen: