[Mac] A small prob with 10.8: Opening C6.5 files.

Aloha guys ,

This prob is more annoying than serious and
if I open Cubase from the dock or finder, all is well. No problems at all.


If Cubase is not open and I double clik a C6.5 file in the
finder to open it, Cubase will crash about 50% of the time.
So I now make sure Cubase is already open before trying to load a song
and there is no problem.

Not a show stopper but odd behavior.

I still have C5 installed and after installing OS10.8 if I double cliked on any Cubase file,
C5 would try and open it.

So I did the ‘Command I’ thang and told the
computer to open all Cubase files in C6 from then on.

It worked but that’s when the above prob started.

Of course I applied all the typical maintenance routines. (permissions etc etc)
Still nada.

I am thinking of re-installing Cubase.
I have learned that the on the rare occasion, order of installation might make a difference.

This system is quite solid right now and I don’t wanna ‘muck’ with it.

Just a ‘heads-up’ from here guys.

Curteye- how gozit with the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver? Any problems with the n12? Also, are you using UAD or Sonnox plugs?

I’ve been looking for info before upgrading- thanks in advance for any input, I appreciate it

Aloha b,

No probs (so far; touch wood) with the n12. The last few days I have really hit it hard
with some full band session work. (all friends. no $$$ involved)
If fact while tracking I had two n12’s wired up with no probs.

Also, are you using UAD or Sonnox plugs?

I am using mainly SampleTank/NI/VST Collection for VSTI’s
and Ozone/IK Multimedia stuff for comps/limits/FX/mastering tools.