[mac] Add a search bar in the help menu

Dorico 4 currently has help menu like this:
截圖 2022-03-20 21.35.37

It’ll be more helpful if adding a search box like this:

This is only for searching menu commands.

Dorico has always had the search bar in the Help menu, for me. I don’t know why yours isn’t there.

Indeed, I’m not sure why that wouldn’t appear. It may be that when running in another language, macOS doesn’t recognise the menu name? There’s no specific API to enable this in macOS, so far as I know: it’s something macOS does automatically for the Help menu.

There is now the Jump Bar, which can search – but not for everything…
Despite that, once you know what the right buzzword is, it is very useful.

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I finally made it visible by hard-tweaking its NSApp language to English:

// The one selected is “English”.
// This can also be done in macOS System Preferences since macOS Catalina. It’s a per-App setting.

It’s a Qt localization issue. Something extra needs to be done in the UI-language-switching section, syncing the UI language status to this plist file:
// Also, tests needs to be done for all UI languages supported by Dorico.
// I dunno whether Cubase has this bug, too. I have to wait until my budget allows me to upgrade to Cubase 12.

I have never seen this Search function in my Help menu. I am running Australian locale on Windows 10.

This is a mac-specific function, comrade.
On Windows, a similar search box, if exists, is supposed to be placed at the right end of the menu bar. // Left-end for RTL languages like Arabian, if the menu layout has RTL changes.

It works if your computer and Dorico languages match. Otherwise, it doesn’t. This has been discussed before.

Not completely right.
My OS language is Traditional Chinese.
However, I made this work by setting both NSApp userdefault language and Dorico Preferences UI Language to English.

I tried setting both of them to Japanese, and it doesn’t work.
Maybe this can be considered as a bug for Non-English languages.