Mac and Mouse Wheel in project window

Hey there,
I’m on a M1 Macbook and use Cubase 12. My mouse is Logitech MX Master 3. In the project window the mouse wheel scrolling is inverted and way too sensitive for volume knobs or changing something like midi modifiers through the wheel. All other windows, for example VST windows, act normally (not inverted and no high sensitivity).

On my Mac the sensitivity is already low and also the scrolling direction is normal. I tried to fix it with apps like Steermouse but it still doesn’t feel right to me.

I just switched from Windows to Mac and noticed this issue instantly.
Anyone else with this problem?

I went through the mouse frustration when moving win → Mac, however I persevered with steermouse & had to fine tune wheel sensitivity per app which was good once I got things how I liked.

However I got a 2017 MacBook a few months ago & started to really appreciate the trackpad. There is a utility for it called bettertouchtool, which is the equivalent of steer mouse for touchpads which allows per application assignments etc… last week I got a Magic Trackpad for the desktop & it takes some getting used to but it’s a much better experience than the mouse for me. There are lots of MACOS gestures for the OS which are really good & makes using the machine so intuitive & quick once you know them. With bettertouchtool, I’m finding it a bit unreliable assigning taps, but clicks & force clicks work fine which allows 8 x click & 8 x force click zones around the edge which can be assigned to shortcuts.

In terms of the scroll I do wish it could be made more sensitive, but it does at least feel consistent across all apps. 2 Finger drag up/down is scroll. As for the long standing lack of mousewheel vertical zoom in Cubase you can assign SHIFT + G/H and it’s a bit clunky compared to steermouse & mousewheel, but it does at least work.

Hopefully better touch tool will see the bugs fixed with taps which I prefer to clicks, but currently they’re unreliable, that would open up another 8 zones. You can loads of other things too such as make your own swipe gestures etc…

I have the touchpad set to touch instead of clicks, and there’s also an option to drag items/select text etc by using 3 fingers. This works really well for synth knobs for course control, & then is discovered that 2 finger touch drag acts as fine control for most parameters, it works better for controls with a large range rather than a 2-3 options. I guess that must be Steinberg that implemented that as it’s not expected behaviour.

I currently have this mapped for Cubase on the single click layer. I also have stuff like copy, paste, open spotlight etc… on the force click layer. Still work in progress but loving it so far. The beauty of the touchpad is that it doesn’t need a surface so you can use it on your lap etc… & it’s Bluetooth so can be moved anywhere.

I know it’s a bit sidetracked from what you are talking about but I started out with same painful mouse experience on MAC. I’m not sure why they work so badly compared to windows, maybe it’s a funnel to get people like me to buy their trackpads…

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Yeah I agree with you! The trackpad experience is much better! I also use Better Touch Tool for some customized gestures, it’s awesome.

I just wish the mouse experience would be somehow equal to what I am used to from Windows and it drives me nuts that the same software on two different systems is working this different with the same mouse.

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