[Mac] Anyone using C6 and Airport Express?

Aloha guys,
I know this works using iTunes but will it work using C6?

I tried asking the folks at my local Mac store but they are not
even sure if it will work using Garageband or Logic.

Any thoughts??


this is for use in a ‘live’ setting


What exactly do you want to do with Airport Express and Cubase?

Also my thought. Don´t think there is a way to route the sound from Cubase to an express, since Cubase does not support Air play.

Aloha and tanx guys,

Where I perform on weekends there is a really nice sound
system built into the ceiling.
Instead of bringing in my P.A. gear I would like to use what is there.

I am not allowed to run or fly cables because of esthetics.

So I was hoping to ‘stream’ stereo audio (using C6)
from my Macbook to an AE device about 37’ away
and then plug the audio out from the AE into the house system.

I have tried using a cheap RadioShack wireless
FM transmitter and needless to say, it was a flop.

There are of course more expensive systems but I
was hoping that at $99 the AE might be a decent
acceptable solution.

I was also hoping that C6 could ‘see’ the AE device
as a possible ‘audio out’ but after what
bigsoundsgood posted, I seems that is not the case…

this info is just what I needed to know so thanks again guys.

Try Airfoil

I played with it a year ago. The only thing I didn’t like (if I remember correctly) was that you had to restart Cubase to disable the remote speaker playing. i.e., you set airfoil to use a certain output (Airport Express in your case) and then any app that is started after you configure airfoil will play to that new new output.

That didn’t match my workflow in cubase where I wanted to swap between speakers without exiting Cubase, but for your intended use I think this will work OK.

My memory is a little foggy, and Airfoil likely has changed in the past year, so test it out and let us know how it works.

Mahalo for that Mark.

I’m on it and I will let you know how it goes.

Sending much Aloha

You sir have helped to changed my life.

I gave AirFoil a try it worked!

Seems I will not need the Airport Express after all because AirFoil
worked fine with my iPhone and also with my old G4 laptop.
I now have a purpose for the G4. I’ll use it instead of the AE.

I have been moving PA gear in and out for over seven years
and now for the first time this weekend I may not have to do that.

I’ll let you know what happens.

sending much Aloha