Mac Authorization Issues - Please Help !!!

I have a fully authorized version of Cubase 7.0.2 running on a PC. I want to install Cubase 7.0.2 on my MacPro. Do I have to buy a new license or can I use my existing one by transfering the USB dongle over to the MacPro ? I would appreciate if you only respond if you are from Steinberg or if you have personally done successfully with what i am trying to do with Cubase 7. Thanks in advance!

You can install CB7 on both computers. You can use one at the time, moving the dongle back and fourth between the computers. No problem at all. If you do not want to move the dongle you need two dongles and two full lisences.

Aloha e,
Keep in mind that It is also possible to run Cubase in ‘PC mode’
just by installing Windows and running ‘BootCamp’ on the Mac.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks Rumdrum - thats what I was hoping would be the case. Do you have any experience running Cubase 7 on a MacPro and recording at 192K ? Wondering how the performance will be compared to my PC which I run Cubase 7 on and I record and track at 192k.

Would that not depend on the PC…?
And since you´re probably the only one who knows your PC and its specs, and therefore can make a direct comparison…!?

of course it depends on the PC, that is obvious when you are talking about a DAW, but thats not my question. Please reread my question and answer my question if you know the answer, if you dont, no worries. I am assuming you know what I mean by 192k ?

I am assuming yes