[Mac] C8P cannot 'see' the 'VST Collection' in HSSE

Aloha guys,

Got a new laptop over the holidays (MacBookPro/Yosemite)
and while C8P works just fine, I cannot seem to
access the ‘Artist’/ ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Pro’ libraries from the VST Collection in Halion Sonic SE.

Now I remember having this same prob a couple of years back but I cannot remember how I solved it.

My current desk and laptop have no probs with this so I know there is
mucho ‘pilot error’ going on here. (ma bad)

All the content files are in the correct places (just like the older two 'puters) but
C8P and it’s HSSE cannot seem to find or see them.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Major TIA (thanks in advance) and sending much Aloha.


I now believe I have correctly figured it.

I sat down with the two ‘working’ computers and went thru each
and every folder that has Cubase stuff in it, and matched up those folders with
the non-working computer.

What I found was, even tho’ I used the ‘Yosemite Installer’,
sure enough there were several Cubase files
on the older computers that were not on the new one;

So I copied each ‘missing’ file from the old computer to its proper place
on the new computer and now I seem to be able to access
the additional VST Collection Libraries. (Hybrid/Pro/Artist)

As I said, this all seems to be working for now but if I have any additional probs . I’ll post back.


Did you initially install hsse from cb7.5? That fixed some content issues for me…