[Mac] Cant see the entire VST Instruments list.

Aloha guys,

I seem to remember a thread about this but I could not find it and
it might have been in the old forum.

First of all this is not a ‘Media Bay scan’ thang.
Everything is where it should be. All is working well.

I recently had my 13" macbook’s motherboard and hard drive
replaced by Apple (under warranty thank God) but after reinstalling C6
I am finding that the VST instruments window is soo HUGH that I cannot
scroll to the bottom of the list to get to other sounds.

The Instruments window will only go so far off each edge of the screen.
I can’t even get pass the ‘Bass’ field.

The window will not re-size from any direction.

also I have tried changing the screen resolution but that makes it worst.

Any info anyone??

Major TIA and Mahalo


Hi Curteye,

On my MacBook, the VST Instruments window (the one you get from the Devices menu) has a vertical scrollbar, which allows to access the 64 slots. And the pop-up menu you get when clicking on one of these slots is split with a “More Plug-ins…” submenu to access the remaining instruments; same behaviour as the VST Effects pop-up. Is it what you are talking about?

(BTW I’m using C6 in 32-bit mode)

Aloah W, and thanks for the response.

My prob is a lil different.

Lets say I want to load a piano using HASE,

1-I open an instrument track
2-Load a HASE instrument

Now here is where it gets weird.

3-when try to load a piano the window to load the piano
is too big on my screen to see the piano field.

I can’t scroll down to get to the piano sounds (or any sounds)

I know there is a resize button at the bottom of the window but I can’t get to it.

On my desktop iMac all is well and I can see everything,
but on the laptop, nada.


OK I get it. Well no, on my system the sounds window is small and has a vertical scrollbar, so no prob.

Could it be that you have imported some Cubase and/or Halion preferences from your iMac to your MacBook, and now they think you’re still using a big screen?

Aloha guys.
Pilot error here.

I had taken the C6 preference file from my desktop 'puter
to the laptop.
That way I did not have to redo all my key commands etc.

So on the laptop I moved that folder to the desktop,
and then started up C6.

C6 then built a new preference folder and now that ‘Location’
window opens at a normal size.

So now it is a matter of me finding out what file in the C6
preference folder remembers the Location window size.
I’ll keep trying.

Anyone with any info on this?