Mac-compatibity with C5 and overwrites?

I am always hesitant to upgrade an existing, working system, fearing that the new program will screw with my ability to open older projects flawlessly. That said-questions:

  1. I understand that you have to remove C5 preferences before updating, so that you can save new templates. How do you get the old templates back into C6?
  2. Had everyone been able to open their C5 projects in C5 after upgrading, with no problems?
  3. How about opening C5 projects in C6-does everything open perfectly?
  4. I understand that there would be different issues in opening 32 bit projects in C6 64 bit, but has anyone done that? How did it go,if so?
  5. I’m sure I’m missing a few things-are there any other min “gotchas” and “look out for…'s”

TIA for any info.

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You need only remove the Preferences for earlier versions of Cubase temporarily, so that Cubase 6 builds new ones from scratch, instead of re-importing them. (it would seem that, in some circumstances, it wrongly directs the filepath to Cubase 5 instead of Cubase 6). In fact, rather than remove the Cubase 5 preferences folder, simply rename it (e.g. add an “x” to the end of the name), then delete the “x” again when you want to put the folder back.
The Cubase 6 Factory templates should now have been correctly installed, but you’ll now have to copy any old User templates manually… from Preferences>Cubase 5>Project Templates, to the corresponding folder inside the Preferences>Cubase 6 folder.
As regards 64-bit vs 32-bit, from what I’ve been able to see so far, so long as a 3rd-party 32-bit VST plugin (or VSTi) is Intel-compatible (i.e. not PPC only), then Cubase’s BitBridge will open it o.k. (but, be warned, there are inconveniences with this shell, as regards the plugin’s GUI). PPC-only plugins will simply not be recognized.

Thanks, Vic. So-are you opening C5 projects in C6 and everything works like a dream? Everything comes up the same way?

Re 64 bit, other than the GUI issues, are you running it successfully?

Aloha L,
C6 is opening C5 projects with nooooooo probs so far.

And it is f’king beautiful on my screen.

A real pleasure at which to look. (and I thought C5 was ‘purdy’)


Well, I haven’t done any “heavy” work in 64-bit, but I haven’t had any problems with it so far (and it is precisely the issues with the 32-bit plugins which discourages me from using it more… I can live with the fact that only one plugin GUI can appear at any one time, but what kills it for me is that the BitBridge itself, as a background application, is constantly being intrusive… when you click on a plugin GUI (therefore it is now in front), that forces, ipso facto, Cubase to the background, so, for example, the transport Bar disappears!)

Thanks, Vic and Curt-can anybody else chime in about their C5-to C6 experiences, good or bad?