[MAC] CPU Spikes (MR816)

Hi There,

With low buffers say, 128 and below I get more CPU spikes than with the same settings in a 32bit OSX,
When I boot in 32bit I can get to lower latencies then in 64bit mode

32 bit osx 32bit cubase - no spikes
32 bit osx 64bit cubase - spikes
64 bit osx 32bit cubase - some spikes
64 bit osx 64bit cubase - spikes deluxe

Running on a Mac Pro 2,4 Quad with 8Gigs of RAM… 10.6.6 and a MR816 on a TI card with 1.7 drivers…

What kind of projects do you test this with? Any third party plug-ins involved that might not yet be native 64-bit plug-ins?

An Empty project with 64bit native works somewhat better than a 32bit in bridge mode. But I don’t get the performance of the 1.6 driver

While the main machine I use for my DAW is win 7 I had this exact same issue and the problem was that I had placed some 32 bit plugins in the directory for 64 bit vst plugins. (32 bit in windows are supposed to be in the steinberg direcory for x86) If I used them in a session exactly what you mentioned happened.

I have a macbook pro which I also have cubase on (dongle protection is great isnt it?) but being that my copy of C6 is shipping I couldnt check how they differentiate it yet.

I’m just guessing but it could be something similar as it sounds identical to what was happening to me in Cubase when I moved to 64bit windows

Hi Ed.

Just loaded a ‘old’ project and asio meter hits red with 12 audio tracks with only DSP based effects (Duende, Powercore and Liquid Mix), with a buffer of 192. 256 gives somewhat better results but 1024 was the only setting that worked allright. So what is changed in the buffering of the 1.7 driver? :question:

I can confirm that 1.7 drivers are performing very badly especially at lower latency
I deleted the package reciepts and re-installed 1.6 and performance is much better

that’s “great” news! Maybe we can test drivers before release…

The question is: does the 1.7 driver perform worse in a 32-bit environment (32-bit driver and 32-bit Cubase) than version 1.6? Or is it rather that moving to the 64-bit domain affects the performance?

I can say that it’s worse in 32bit and in 64bit… tested with 1.6 and 1.7

32 bit CB6 32 Bit osx 1.6 good 1.7 bad
64 bit CB6 32 bit osx 1.6 good 1.7 bad

Now working again with the 1.6, Same settings, no spikes… so 1.7 is definitely a buggy thing… I would pull if offline!

Still no word from Steinberg. I know you’re busy theses days but a simple “okay, we’re investigating would welcome”

Sorry, we are investigating! I thought that I posted this here… :blush:
Planning and development in Japan are both aware.

Thank Ed!! That’s great news. Did you receive my e-mail?

I’m getting worse performance here too with the 1.7 driver on a 32 bit Snow Leopard Mac Pro. Can somebody tell me what I need to do to unistall the 1.7 driver completely and go back to 1.6?



Ok found it. The instructions on removing the driver are in the Getting Started document. Quite a hassle to delete all the files (pc’s are a lot better in this respect) but anyway I rolled back to the 1.6 driver and all the pops and dropouts have gone so it looks like 1.7 has a problem, just as others here have said.


Hi Firends.

The last week I was getting sick with my studio setup.

This 1.7 drivers don´t work fine in Mac computers. I back to 1.6 (No problems)
Before read this post i don´t know what was the problem… the computer… Cubase 6… The firewire…
Now with de 1.6 I can work.

Any news about 1.8 or 1.7 v.2?

Thank you guys

As soon as I have anything, I’ll let you know!

waiting… waiting…

The update that should address this issue has been released. Please find it here:


YES Works!!! :smiley: