Mac CPU Usage on Cubase 11?

Any CPU improvement on the Mac Side? I’m having quite a tough time with 10.5’s CPU efficiency.
I have a Mac Mini 6 core @ 3.2Ghz with 32 GB Ram and UA Apollo X6 Thunderbolt 3 interface. Its performance has been amazing with Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and even Ableton.
Same plugins in Cubase @ 384 buffer vs 128 in Logic Pro X sometimes take 3-4 times more CPU :frowning:

Let me know if you’re able to test on the Mac.



Anyone noticing an improvement on CPU with the Mac version of Cubase 11?

I have exactly the same Mini and from the first impression I can’t see any difference to Cubase 10 performance wise. Have been and still am pretty happy with the Cubase performance, it does what I want it to. Maybe the GUI is a little bit snappier but this could be a “I spent money so there MUST be an improvement” thing :slight_smile:

But can’t give you any feedback to your “3-4 times more CPU” as I don’t own any of the other DAWs, sorry.

I assume : at least Cubase V11’s GUI should be more “snappy”, thanks to V11 now having implemented Apple Metal support.

Bumping this :slight_smile: Any more experiences on CPU improvement vs 10.5?


It’s snappier, but not totally smooth yet.

No noticeable difference here.

Huge difference for me! I’ve got a template with over two thousand tracks. I recently downgraded from a Mac Pro to an iMac (because the new Mac pros cost more than my car) and CB10 tended to be more sluggish than I had wished with the large template. Yes, CB11 feels about 2 to 3 times snappier.

The gui is faster, but the CPU usage is the same on all projects that I have tested. And so are the memory footprint.
I guess that an low cpu count >6 you might have some performance gain due to CPU does not wait for GPU io.

Same CPU - more fluid gui

I hope at least you enjoy the more fluid GUI, or is this something you don’t see?

For me, just a more fluid GUI in V11 will be amazing by itself.
I am waiting for V11 Trial version to be released, to install and test.

MacBook Pro Retina 2015 with external Dell monitor connected as main screen.
OSX Catalina 10.15.7.

So the hyperthreading / internal ASIO overload issue likely still exists, and was handed down to C11 from C10. A “snappy GUI” does not make up for “there are literally snaps in my audio”, and that is the only reason I would even dream of upgrading to 11.

A mockup project in v11 had 30-50% higher CPU usage than in 10.5. This is w/wo hyperthreading. Playback sounds perfect, but the playhead is not smooth - worse actually. Overall though, the GUI is hugely improved. Subtle, but it’s getting more cohesive and less like an anthropological study.

Feels more snappy on my machine, I have opened old sessions that were heavy and they are smoother and less cpu drops

I’ve tried turning off Hyperthreading in 10.5 on Mac OS Mojave.
I’ve now updated everything to Catalina and every plugin is now at the latest version.
Still the same results. 10.5 needs WAY more CPU than Logic for exactly the same tracks and plugins. Even if Logic is at 128 and Cubase at 384 buffer.

It was worth testing it :slight_smile: May be at some point they will rework the audio engine to fix this.

Thanks for report! Have around 2200 tracks in my orchestral template, Mac Pro 2013, C10.5. Looking forward to give 11 a try, when I feel like playing around instead of working. :laughing:
Do you use VEP7 by any chance?

I feel you man, new Mac Pro are really expensive. I’ll probably look into windows servers.