Mac crashes during Dorico playback

My Mac keeps crashing mid-Dorico-playback. It’s a Macbook Pro running Big Sur 11.5.2 and I have Dorico I ran internal hardware diagnostics and just got a no errors result. It’s starting to happen more and more - a few weeks ago it was every few days, now it’s 3-4 times a day, but not every time I play back. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Sorry to hear about your situation.
In Dorico please choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ which will create a zip file on your desktop; please attach it here. Thanks.
The diagnostics contains recent log files as well as crash dumps. Looking at that data will give us a clue what is happening on your system.

Thanks, @Ulf and sorry for the delay - I’ve been sick. Here is the zip file. Dorico (986.6 KB)

Thanks for the data, but it is rather strange. Normally the diagnostics report shall contain crash dumps from the last 2 weeks, but there are none. Therefore I find in the log files sometimes long strings of “Overload detected” messages. That means the audio engine detected an overload situation where it did not have enough time (processing power) to complete all necessary calculations for a seamless audio stream. So some other app or process must have occupied the cpu excessively…
Also strange, some of the older logs (Dorico keeps alway the ones from the last 10 runs) are sometimes cut off. It appears as if the audio engine was crashing, but then again, there are no corresponding crash dump files. So this does not match up nicely.

And while I*m writing this, I just realized that you wrote “my Mac is crashing.” Ehm, is that right, it:s not just Dorico crashing but the whole computer is going down?
If that is the case then something is seriously wrong with your computer, because it can’t be just Dorico or it’s audio engine doing something wrong. In that case only Dorico dies but the rest of the system just continues normally.
Try to open the Console application. On the left have a look for the crash log section. Are there by any chance some system crash dumps files that could shed some light of what is going on on your computer?