Mac crashing while using Dorico


I don’t know if it is Dorico the cause of some catastrophic crashes I’m experiencing. They happen, however, when I’m using Dorico. Maybe it is worth investigating on the attached diagnostic report, to see if there is something useful to track the issue.

What happens is that I go to another app, and when I click on Dorico in the background, the Mac’s UI freezes, and the spinning ball appear. I can’t don anything, including killing the apps. The backup is going in the background, and I could even take a screenshot of the whole screen. But the UI is frozen, and the only thing I can do is to push the Power button in the Mac.

I’m also attaching a crash report I found after a crash a few days ago. While in VEPRO, I clicked on Dorico to return there, and there was a crash. I don’t remember if it was this one to also freeze the Mac, or just crashed Dorico.


Dorico (549 KB) (22.7 KB)

Unfortunately there are no crash logs in the set of diagnostics produced by Dorico (which is not surprising, since the program isn’t crashing but rather your system is hanging), but the separate crash report you’ve provided doesn’t show anything particularly suspicious. We have occasionally seen crash reports like that but so far don’t have any reliable steps to reproduce the problem, which is a crash inside the Qt framework that Dorico relies upon.

I wonder whether perhaps you are loading sufficiently large samples that you’re putting the total system memory of your computer under pressure, and you’re experiencing large delays as things are swapped in and out of real memory?

Daniel, unfortunately Mac’s Console no longer allow for examining past events. I’ll however keep it open the next time I’ll work with Dorico, so that I can see any issues reported live.

As for memory, I’ve 64 GB, that according to Activity Monitor are never under pressure (there is just a tiny green strip in the memory pressure display). I’ve been using nearly exclusively VSL players, that only load the samples called by MIDI messages. However, I’ll check the actual amount of used memory and the cached files.

EDIT: While playing or rendering a full orchestra piece, the total used RAM is 45 GB (out of 64), with Safari open in the background. No bytes compressed.

EDIT2: Without Safari, the total used RAM is about 30 GB.